Turkey, 2013. My mom and I met up for a grand mother-daughter adventure through Istanbul and Capaddocia. We spent our time in Istanbul exploring the rich history and culture of this once Christian, once Roman, once Greek and now Islamic city. We wandered through the streets (often encountering stray cats), explored the markets, drank tea with vendors and constantly looked up at the decorated buildings seeing if we could spot which minaret the call to mosque was coming from. All these years later, what I remember best is how hospitable, kind and chatty the locals were; always eager to ask a question, tell a story, explain the cuisine and make a sale! 

I remember trying to capture as much small detail in this city that didn't lie in the impressive landmarks; but rather in the children chasing bubbles, a cat napping, a tradesman working on his carpets and a man reading the Quran quietly in the corner of the mosque.