Humans of Durban is based on Humans of New York (known by fans as HONY), a street photography blog by Brandon Stanton. The aim is to use photography to create a photographic census of a city, showcasing the interesting and unique people that live in it. I was looking for a way to explore my city, to improve my photography, and to interact with people in Durban I wouldn’t otherwise stop and chat to and decided the ‘Humans of…’ concept would be perfect.

The project has been running for just over a year and has grown to have over 3300 followers on Facebook, and has been featured in blogs and publications. The project’s main audience is on Facebook, as it’s the most widely accessible platform. The photographs are uploaded with captions, which are often something that the subject has said. 

Often the captions give the readers a glimpse into the lives of the people I photograph. That personal interaction is not only important for me, as the photographer, but gives the subject a chance to say something and the readers a chance to interact, albeit online, with a fellow Human of Durban. 

Essentially, the response has been overwhelming, and has inspired me to continue to photograph more people and share more photographs.