Getting to spend time with each one of you and having you witness our marriage is more than we could ever have asked for, so gifts are really not necessary or required. That being said, please please do bring along a card with something special written in it - that would mean the world to us!


However, if you’re a gift-giver like Micaela and would like to give us something, we’d very much appreciate it. Feel free to come up with your own ideas, make us something, or surprise us!
But if you’d like some suggestions, have a look at our registry (there’s a link below).

You’ll see there are no pots, sheets or kitchen appliances on there. We really wanted to come up with a list of things that would enrich our lives through experiences, create beautiful heirlooms for years to come or fill our home with art & beauty.

how does this gift registry work?

To keep things simple, we’ve created a custom online registry filled with things that you mostly can’t buy in stores. Each item has a total value but you can also contribute a portion towards most items! Once you’ve picked an item (called a “cash fund”), you can make a payment using your credit or debit card online. After our wedding, we’ll be able to start purchasing the items you’ve chosen, or start planning our experiences.

Click the button below to be taken to our gift registry

Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom of the registry to see all the options!


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