Rome, Georgia

Saturday, 19th october 2019


Some of the best times of Micaela’s life were in Rome, Georgia and there’s a big part of her heart that lives there. We couldn’t imagine not getting to celebrate with our Rome family.


1 pm

to folloW


The Watters’ Farm
1524 Blacks Bluff Rd, Rome.


our time in georgia

Dylan, Micaela and Elisa (Micaela’s mom) will be in Rome for 2 weeks from the 12th - 29th October 2019, and really want to spend as much time with y’all as possible!

dress code

Smart, but comfortable. (No jeans, no shorts).


Parking will be available at the Watters’, but if you’re drinking that Yellowtail - stick to taxis!


Not necessary, but always appreciated. You can find out more here.


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