10 years of knowing each other.
Fingers crossed for a lifetime of loving each other.



In 2009, Micaela was about to start her very first year at the University of kwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. Invited to join a political awareness organisation on campus, ever eager she went along to the first meeting, inexplicably wearing pink gumboots (in summer!) and a bent spoon as a pendant. Something about her caught the eyes of a third year history and classics major, Dylan, who sat very focussed, diligently taking notes on his laptop.

A few weeks later, trying to rouse up support for the organisation, Micaela decided to dress up in a full penguin outfit and wander around campus handing out flyers. Without missing a beat, Dylan eagerly offered to accompany her, giving Micaela the first little clue that he was interested. A few team meetings later, some thinly veiled excuses to meet, an exchange of numbers - a sweet, lovely and kind relationship began, only to end 9 months later.

Micaela continued with her undergraduate degree spending all her money travelling the world, including an exchange year in Rome, Georgia. While Dylan began his postgraduate studies in classical archaeology taking breaks to go on excavation digs in Italy.

4 years later and both single - our paths crossed. Working on our masters degrees, older & wiser, we began dating (again). But this time, we took things slow, hesitant to rush things in case we scared each other off. It didn’t take long for us to realise that this time was different. In the Drakensberg, our favourite place in the world, we decided this was it, and that there was no one else we wanted to be with.

We made our first home in a flat overlooking Durban and began planning our lives together. Dylan began his career in the tech industry, while Micaela did wedding photography and finished her masters thesis. Encouraged by Dylan’s love of Italian street food, and Micaela’s entrepreneurial spirit, we began ‘Oh, Risotto!’, hopefully our first joint venture of many to come!

In 2016, ready for a new adventure and eager to start settling down, we moved to London. We’ve looked for the good in every scenario that has come our way since we moved here and we are so grateful for the life and community we’ve built in the U.K.

Since that fateful weekend away in the Drakensberg, we’ve committed ourselves to this relationship, partnership and life we’re building and getting married is just another wonderful way to commit. We see our wedding days as small parts of our story together, a way for us to honour the kind, honest and joy-filled relationship we’ve spent our days creating. And we just can’t wait to see what marriage and life together has in store for us.

x Micaela & Dylan


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