New York

At the end of 2013, something magical happened. Through a series of interesting events and one man's belief in connecting like-minded people, I was flown to New York to have dinner with an all round inspiring human, Tina Roth Eisenberg. 


Turkey, 2013. After a few days in Istanbul, Mom and I went to Cappadocia - a place I struggle to describe. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Cappadocia is what's left of an ancient city built into these fantastical conical shaped rocks.


Turkey, 2013. My mom and I met up for a grand mother-daughter adventure through Istanbul and Capaddocia. I remember trying to capture as much of this city that didn't lie in the impressive landmarks; but rather in small, quiet details of locals going about their lives. 

Roskilde Festival 2013, Denmark

After a spending a year together in Georgia, U.S.A - a group of us promised each other we would meet up at the Roskilde Music Festival one year later. 2013, a bunch of us bought tickets, set up tents and spent 9 days together in Denmark.

Road Trip - South Africa

When I lived in the US, I met and became friends with Becky (from Wales), and Agnethe (from Denmark). We've been on an American road trip, Puerto Rico and a music festival in Denmark. A few months ago they visited me in South Africa and we went on a road trip from Cape Town to Durban with many interesting stops along the way.